Save on Door Repairs

Standard doors aren’t really so expensive and in most cases it’s pretty easy just to switch them out with new ones. Specialist doors can however, be really pricey especially when they are cut for a specific size and fitting. Even security and fire doors can undergo damage and when they have a specific purpose like…


Wedding Stresses and Wedding Dresses Melbourne

Will it ever end! I’m over my wedding already and it’s still two weeks away but I am slowly getting through the checklist. The latest thing to get sorted and one that lifted a huge weight from my shoulders is that I now know for sure what I will be wearing. It’s must be one…

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Fast Removals Melbourne

I focus heavily on opportunity cost in my business and a day lost is a huge expense to us. There are certain tasks I can do from out of the office but nowhere near the level of efficiency I need to be at. The trouble was our office was just too small and we had…

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A Stand Out Graphic Designer in Brisbane

In graphic design it is all to easy to stand out for the wrong things. I think a lot of design firms are guilty of overdoing design and I have always much preferred something clean, compelling and elegant. Unfortunately, a lot of graphic designers in Brisbane that I’ve used have really struggled with that brief.


Where to go for CAD Drafting

We used to have interns fresh out of university doing our CAD drafting. The really experienced, highly qualified guys are just too expensive to keep on the books full time if you’re not getting loads of work. We’re always busy but in terms of actual drafting, the workload can really vary.


Bond Loan for Business

I never really understood the purpose of a bond loan until I moved out. Sure when you’re renting a room in a share house your bond is only a thousand bucks or something like that. But some people, me included, cant afford to pay it upfront including the first months rent.


Understanding Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

Lasik eye surgery is one of the most common types of eye surgery and the costs involved can vary quite substantially depending on what you need done and who you use. When it comes to surgery you avoid anything with the word budget in the name. I really wanted the best but there’s a big…