Wedding Catering on a Budget

I don’t want you to think we went cheap on our daughters wedding because it certainly wasn’t the case. When they came to us with the final guest list of over 300 people, well we realised this was going to be something of an ordeal. With that many people the cost can very quickly become…


Melbourne River Cruises Perfect Day

I had some relatives in town from Queensland over the weekend and we picked the perfect day for Melbourne river cruises. We organised the trip through Dreamscape Tours and it was just wonderful. I’ve never really had much of an appreciation for the Yarra before because it’s always seemed a bit average to me but…

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A Stand Out Graphic Designer in Brisbane

In graphic design it is all to easy to stand out for the wrong things. I think a lot of design firms are guilty of overdoing design and I have always much preferred something clean, compelling and elegant. Unfortunately, a lot of graphic designers in Brisbane that I’ve used have really struggled with that brief.