Comfortable Shoes for Weeks of Walking

I have always had precious feet but I never really paid too much attention to them until I decided to do the Camino last year. It’s this pilgrimage walk in Spain that takes weeks and weeks and I knew the only way I’d get through it was with a really good pare of shoes. People…


Wedding Stresses and Wedding Dresses Melbourne

Will it ever end! I’m over my wedding already and it’s still two weeks away but I am slowly getting through the checklist. The latest thing to get sorted and one that lifted a huge weight from my shoulders is that I now know for sure what I will be wearing. It’s must be one…


Coloured Jeans You Will Love

Jeans are a staple for any wardrobe, any age, any gender. I’ve usually got a few pairs on the go because they are durable, you can wear them heaps without really needing to wash them and they look great. I do like to mix it up with black and coloured jeans to complement the standard…


Online Roc Shoes, Seriously

I love the solid look and feel of black leather Roc shoes. I loved them in high school and I still love them today on the right occasion. A girl needs a few tricks up her sleeve and having the right shoe for the right occasion is certainly one of them. Something that is tough…


Finding Womens Boots

It is almost impossible to juggle home duties and work, I work full time and am barely able to get out of the office let alone shop. My friend showed me the Novo Shoes website. I was able to have a look during my lunch break.


Blue Denim LTB Jeans

Blue denim LTB Jeans, it’s got a sort of ring to it for me, I hear it and my associations are summertime and golden sunshine, rolled up cuffs and barefoot running in the cornfields. Blue denim LTB Jeans, I’ve had a few pairs, it’s fair to say I’m an advocate… so comfortable, such a good…


Boyfriend Jeans Are Sexy Casual

My favourite dress code is definitely ‘sexy casual’. I think boyfriend jeans are the epitome of sexy casual, a little loose and decidedly comfortable with a slightly suggestive quality. I’ve always held the belief that one of the sexiest qualities in a look is that ‘comfort’ factor. You’re only really at ease when you’re really…