For engagement rings online, Bensimon Diamonds is who you should visit.

Deciding to propose to my girlfriend, now fiancé, was easy. However, finding a ring that I knew she would love, not so much. With a market saturated with diamonds, I was lost, and I knew I had to do some research before I ventured out into stores. I consulted with her girlfriends who gave me a collection of specifications I could work with, before looking for engagement rings online.


With jewellery stores a dime a dozen, Bensimon Diamonds truly was a diamond in the rough. They had classic designs I could browse, and if needed, tailored to suit my requirements. With the help of Ron Bensimon himself, I was able to create the perfect engagement ring, and as you can probably guess, my girlfriend said yes. For stunning engagement rings and the best customer service, I’d say give them a visit.

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