Get your life on track with the help of bond loans

My tolerance for my housemates was getting significantly lower by the day, and I’m thankful that Bond-Loans were able to get me out in the nick of time. I just felt like every day there was a new and exciting (sarcasm) challenge to face in our tiny den. The kitchen was never clean, and no, I’m not exaggerating. Even if I was to wash all the dishes in the sink and wipe down the benches and cupboards, it felt like within minutes, a new pile would be made. For the bathroom we’d began a roster which was seldom followed resulting in a heavy build-up of soap scum. And the backyard… Don’t even get me started.

I basically complained to anyone who’d listen, but most notably my girlfriend. You’d probably think it’d bother her but as it were, her housemates were the product of nightmares also. We had just begun our rant for the evening when I realised that if we were both unhappy why not move in together? We thought it over and given we’d been together nearly three years, it just made sense. We knew we wanted to get out as soon as was possible, so decided to consider both getting bond loans, meaning we wouldn’t have to wait around until we saved enough for a bond and moving costs. So we spoke to Bond-Loans who helped us get out of our bad situation and happier than ever. To tell you the truth, they’re an absolute lifesaver.


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