Why buying handbags online makes more sense


Online shopping for clothing has never really been my thing. Depending on the shop, the style of the clothing item, or the time of year, I could vary anywhere from a size 6 to a 12. While I understand that many websites now have generous return policies, who really has the time? Once it’s arrived at my doorstep, it’s not going anywhere, regardless of the fit. Buying handbags online however is a whole other story. There’s no element of trying a handbag on to make sure it fits well, it’s as simple as if it looks nice online, it will look nice on your arm. Novo Shoes make a surprisingly nice handbag for a shoe store, and being a local brand means the longest I’ll have to wait is seven days! Save yourself the hassle of leaving the house to trawl through the shops, buy your handbags online.

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